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We finally took action and created a kit that not only makes the B&T USW OR MKII MARK II a better combat pistol but now a contender for competition shooting. Our kit not only redesigns the the springs inside the USW OR MKII MARK II but also the firing pin to allow for a extreme reduction of the hammer spring by over half the original weight, without compromising safety of the pistol. We have also redesigned the way the hammer spring compresses and Incorporated a unique staging of the trigger to reduce trigger weight during the start of the pull, insuring you do not jerk the sight picture in double action. We recommend you test your ammo with all springs starting with the yellow spring, testing has shown the 8lb spring can have a fail to fire with the very hardest primers at times. Trigger pull at an incredible 3lb 11oz in SA and 7lb 5oz in DA possible with this kit on a stock gun, finally making it competition ready for fast accurate shots on target.


**Beware of other companies who are trying to knock off our kit for a little less money and sell you a product that is not made to the same standards as our the original "Sphinx Enhanced Trigger Kit™" or "B&T ENHANCED TRIGGER KIT™" high quality standards. Our products are made to the same Sphinx standards and made in the USA - not China, Just because they look similar and use our product name - it is not the same ALL.**


Kit includes:
Extended firing pin (properly hardened)
Reduced firing pin spring (raw)
Competition Reduced firing pin spring (black) For use with the purple spring if having light primer strikes- DO NOT DRY FIRE WITHOUT SNAP CAP
Reduced Hammer spring 10lb (Yellow) 
Reduced Hammer spring 9lb (Green)
Reduced Hammer spring 8lb (Purple) *competition only
Reduced Trigger Return Spring
Assembly Pin

Ammo's tested and verified working:

Federal American eagle ball 115gr and 147gr
Tula (had issues with purple spring and some green)
Sig V Crown
Hornady Crit Def and Duty
*We are not liable for any use in ccw application.
***We recommend all trigger kits be installed by a gunsmith.
For installation of this kit we have created a video to assist you here -> coming soon
No shipping outside of the USA due to ITAR

Please note- DISCLAIMER: “USW” may be a federally registered trademark of B&T USA. Neither Modern Weapon Systems (MWS) nor this website are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, B&T USA. The use of “USW" on this page is merely to advertise the sale of B&T USA  pistol aftermarket parts, or accessories, manufactured by Modern Weapon Systems

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    Necessary Upgrade

    Posted by Adam on Jul 26th 2019

    The DA pull on the stock pistol was horrendous. First thing I did was change out the mainspring and that alone made a world of difference. I don’t have a trigger pull gauge to provide numbers, but it is significant. The trigger return spring reduces the pull a small amount, though if someone swapped it without you knowing, you may not notice. I’m not sure what difference the firing pin and firing pin springs make with regards to trigger pull, I assume that just enhances ignition with the lighter mainspring. Overall a very worthwhile investment. Their install video is very thorough as well.

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    Posted by George on Sep 18th 2018

    I purchased the USW because of the availability of this trigger kit. I would not own a USW without it! As sold, the B&T USW has a horrendous trigger, period! The MWS trigger kit is extensive and works exactly as claimed. Also improved was the decocker activation weight, now it’s a pleasure to use instead of an annoyance. My regular range ammo is Remington UMC so I was able to use the lightest (purple) hammer spring as indicated in the description of the kit. More than 400 rounds so far and no ignition problems. Another point of USW annoyance was the tight curve of the trigger and the ridges which dig into your finger with the heavy DA pull. With a good bit of fine dremel work those ridges can be flattened along with the bottom edge of the trigger. I do wish the available MWS install video was a bit more detailed with some closeups but it is of great value as is. My complements go to MWS for turning an interesting, but flawed B&T/Sphinx collaboration into a real enjoyable first-rate shooter, equal to any DA/SA pistol and with a good red dot and a stock for long range work. George

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    Trigger kit for USW

    Posted by B&T Enhanced USW Indeed on Jan 26th 2018

    Well done- found the video on youtube and ordered the kit for my USW A1. Followed along in the video and all is installed. 1-2-3 easy. I also found you can use a pocket knife instead of a dental pick if needed to lift the spring out... when you get to that part you will know what I mean. Good Stuff cant wait to see how my groups turn out.

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    B&T USW

    Posted by BEN M. on Jan 15th 2018

    Can't believe the difference this kit made. dropped the trigger pull by almost 5 lbs and all ammo I have tried goes off without any issue. No one else has made anything for this gun this is the only thing it needs. Ben

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