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Audi R8 EIS Enhanced Intake System™ (venturi) 4.2l V8 - Manual (2008-2015) & R-tronic (2008-2012)


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Welcome to the next level of power gains for your Audi R8 4.2l V8 - Manual (2008-2015) & R-tronic (2008-2012). We introduce the EIS Enhanced Intake System™ which changes the game adding large 6" inlet Venturi right into the MAF sensor for maximum flow at full RED LINE The kit includes AFE Pro Dry S conical filters with more than 3x the flow of stock filters and AFE pre filter socks to protect the filters from dust and restrictions. Easy to install drop in to your existing air box in less than 30 mins. Your V8 will really wake up - the torque and HP throughout the power band will be very noticeable. Sound produced is amazing too and you will love the added feature produced by the Venturi system. (Install Does require very simple minor mods to the inside of the air box and a few simple hand tools.) Machined by us in house and tested & used on our own vehicles. 


Kit includes:

2- Fully fitted CNC Billet Venturi stacks for each MAF sensor, Hard Coat Black Anodized and Teflon treated Venturi.

2- AFE pro dry S Conical filters

2- AFE pre filter sock for each airlifter.

1- instructions for easy installation


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  • 5
    Wow it really changed the car!

    Posted by Dan M on Jul 6th 2023

    These make a big difference over my K&N filters. Can feel the power change, well worth the money. Thanks!

  • 5
    Wow it really changed the car!

    Posted by Bill on Jun 24th 2023

    I have to admit I was actually skeptical about this being any more than a air filter upgrade with a bunch of hype. I had KN filters and wanted to try it out, I had always heard on the R8 forums from an Audi engineer in Europe that the V8 in the R8 would make more power if you could increase the incoming airflow. After talking with the guy who made these he explained it was going to open power band up and really change the torque and top hp of the car. So I had to see for myself and ordered a set. First the filters are huge and fill the whole box up, the kit is well build and the what he referred as velocity stacks is all CNC aluminum and have a perfect transision to the MAF sensor, very slick design they are like 6-7" in diameter where the filter connects and funnels down to the MAF sensor size, the stock setup is not in anyway like this. A couple of small mods to the airbox and they dropped right in. The pre filter over the filters is great as they keep the filter cleaner so they last longer. I asked why he was not using the oil soaked type AFE filter instead, he said those tend to dust the engine and coat the MAF sensor and the flow of these filters is already well more then needed so it was more important to have clean air. Interesting I hope my KN filters haven't hurt anything. So the next step was to drive it, I have to say I was impressed, he was right the top end of the car changed a lot it pulls all the way to the rev limiter before my car would fall flat on its face around 1000 rpm below the red line. Also the bottom end and mid range is much more noticable than with the KN filters. The car revs much faster for sure, on the highway its really noticable in passing. The sound up top sounds like a Ferrari V8 now, I love it. Gotta give it credit where due Im impressed for sure. It's not turbos but it woke up the car for sure. Thanks Bill

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