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After several requests for a better trigger in the Sphinx SDP Compact pistols from customers. We finally took action and created a kit that not only makes the Sphinx SDP Compact a better combat pistol but now a contender for competition shooting. Unlike other kits on the market which have poorly made springs that do not retain safe operation of the firing pin during a drop incident. Our kit not only redesigns the the springs inside the Sphinx but also the firing pin to allow for a extreme reduction of the hammer spring by over half the original weight, without compromising safety of the pistol. We have also redesigned the way the hammer spring compresses and Incorporated a unique staging of the trigger to reduce trigger weight during the start of the pull, insuring you do not jerk the sight picture in double action. We recommend you test your ammo with all springs starting with the yellow spring, testing has shown the 8lb spring can have a fail to fire with the very hardest primers at times. Trigger pull at an incredible 3lb 11oz in SA and 7lb 5oz in DA possible with this kit on a stock gun, finally making it competition ready for fast accurate shots on target.

Kit includes:
Extended firing pin (properly hardened)
Reduced firing pin spring (raw)
Competition Reduced firing pin spring (black) For use with the purple spring if having light primer strikes- DO NOT DRY FIRE WITHOUT SNAP CAP
Reduced Hammer spring 10lb (Yellow) 
Reduced Hammer spring 9lb (Green)
Reduced Hammer spring 8lb (Purple) *competition only
Reduced Trigger Return Spring
Assembly Pin

Ammo's tested and verified working:

Federal American eagle ball 115gr and 147gr
Tula (had issues with purple spring and some green)
Sig V Crown
Hornady Crit Def and Duty
*We are not liable for any use in ccw application.
***We recommend all trigger kits be installed by a gunsmith.
For installation of this kit we have created a video to assist you here ->
No shipping outside of the USA due to ITAR

Please note- DISCLAIMER: “Sphinx” may be a federally registered trademark of Kriss USA, Inc. Neither Modern Weapon Systems (MWS) nor this website are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, Kriss USA, Inc. The use of “Sphinx” "SDP" "SUBCOMPACT" "COMPACT" "ALPHA" "DUTY" on this page is merely to advertise the sale of Sphinx pistol aftermarket parts, or accessories, manufactured by Modern Weapon Systems

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    Sphinx trigger kit

    Posted by Dude on Dec 18th 2017

    Love this enhance trigger kit for my sphinx. Improve the double action and easy to put in. Follow the video and your ready to go within 30-45 min. Had this for several months and no problem. There's others kits out there from other company but decided on this one and I'm glad I did.

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    Sphinx trigger kit

    Posted by AARON on Nov 7th 2017

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! The difference after install is amazing! Install was easy by following the very detailed instructions on YouTube. Keep up the good work!

  • 5
    Money well spent

    Posted by James Wissler on Nov 4th 2017

    When I first bought my sphinx I immediately installed a Cajun gun works trigger. After installing I could not notice much of a difference. My issue was anticipating the pull and I was off target. After installing this kit my issue has went away. The pull is so light and smooth takes the anticipation out of the equation. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a sphinx.

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    Sphinx SDP Duo-Tone(all steel)

    Posted by Guille Vizconde on Sep 13th 2017

    i had mine since early 2015 its the sdp duo-tone all steel, love the way it shoots SA and hate DA pulls. i carried it for a couple of days and it felt like two bricks strapped around my waist. so shes back in the safe and this year i pulled her out for night stand duties and strapped a surefire xc1 on her. i only shot the sphinx when i visit the range to test my home defense fire arms and that happens once or twice a year.

    i almost forgot about my love for this pistol until a couple of months ago i stumbled upon a youtube video by modern weapons system. my excitement is back! the real reason for picking up the duotone compact was because i was hoping that the full size duotone will come out and i wanted to have them as a pair (compact for CCW and full size for uspsa production) . but as we all know that never happened :(

    i had a lot of trouble taking apart the sphinx sdp since its the first time for me to pull out its guts and there are no videos in youtube for DIY on the frame. luckily for me there was Ian Mcfarland from modern weapons that helped me via emails when i get stuck during the take down of the pistol. i cant thank you enough Ian! i don't remember what my stock pull was but i built this pistol for CCW duties and im getting high 7lbs DA and high 3lbs SA using the hardest hammer spring. i cant say im not exited to shoot live fire and swap out the 3 hammer springs and test it with my cci primered loads and some factory WWB 115gr and freedom munitions 124gr. i will report on the hammer spring once i come back from the range. and, according to ian there are some more improvements coming soon for the sdp. oh yeah!

  • 5

    Posted by Casey McBroom on Aug 26th 2017

    This trigger kit make a great gun, superb. With the springs I'm using it's about a 1pd. trigger. Light in both single and double action.

    After having this kit, I couldn't imagine owning a Sphinx without it. It's a must have for Sphinx owners.