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It Was NEVER About Bump Stocks  it looks to be the END of the 2nd Amendment

It Was NEVER About Bump Stocks it looks to be the END of the 2nd Amendment

Posted by Casey McBroom, Ian McFarland, Amy McFarland on Jan 19th 2018

If you are someone who values their 2nd Amendment rights then this affects you and needs to be addressed quickly, and you need to share this to your page and to your friends who love guns. Please read and act on this. Our time is very limited.

If you are someone who does not value their 2nd Amendment rights, do not read any further.

Well, I can only say that the majority of so-called pro-gun people, are anything but 'pro-gun'. By the amount of comments left so far on the ATF comments system is pathetic.

When the ATF posted the Green tip ammo ban there were more then 40,000 comments. This large swell of comments stopped this ammo ban cold in its tracks, that is why it is so important to comment, as this opens up a new way for gun grabbers to just ban just about anything which speeds up you guns rate of fire.

You have 7 days left to make YOUR voice heard, and then the B.A.T.F.E. can decide -- based on submissions and other factors, whether to define 'bump stocks and other similar devices which increase the rate of fire of your gun as machine guns' (lightweight BGC, any aftermarket trigger, buffers and springs, magazines, gas system length and more but ultimately semi-auto firearms is the goal here to ban).

Note: this can also mean you bump firing without a stock from your finger -- as 'rate of fire' will determine what qualifies as a 'machine gun' under the proposed ruling, would mean you're in violation of Federal Law under the proposed ruling.

Currently, there are 4,861 comments posted publicly as of 1/16/2018 (16,420 as of 1/18/2018). Many comments are for regulating. So, if and when you wake up and realize you no longer have the legal right to own ANY accelerating device -- as they intend to confiscate, ie steal your property (citing prior A.T.F. firearm tech branch Rick Vasquez via an interview with Military Arms Channel), it's your own damn fault.

For those who have exercised their voice, thank you for taking the time. To those who pretend it doesn't matter and you do not care for semi-auto firearms or other accessories and can't take 5 minutes out of their day, shame on you. It's people like you who let over a century of rights violations (2nd Amendment in the case) to happen, and you are the problem with this country. Be aware this has NOTHING to do with bump stocks and everything to do with ultimately controlling 'rate of fire'. Today, it might not be a problem for you but 5 years from now it might just become the end of semi-auto weapon ownership.

President Donald Trump, could easily end this. He promised he would 'protect and expand' our 2nd Amendment Rights. Meanwhile, if the above mentioned is successful, it will be the worst infringement on our 2nd Amendment in the history of regulations. If these regulation come to pass, it means he betrayed us. Contact him, A.G. Jeff Sessions, and please make your voice heard on ' regarding this. All these entities are important to contact.

M.A.C. video interview cited with ATF agent telling the back end of this:

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