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New ATF scannable form system is now implemented what does this mean for you and your next NFA purchase of a silencer suppressor and or SBR SBS or machine gun

New ATF scannable form system is now implemented what does this mean for you and your next NFA purchase of a silencer suppressor and or SBR SBS or machine gun

Posted by Ian on Jan 6th 2018

Just as Ian McFarland and Amy McFarland owners of Modern Weapon Systems had been telling customers, pre the Las Vegas shooting, ATF was on course to speed up stamp approval times quite significantly. Well looks like the ATF has now taken this back off the shelf and it has been quietly implemented for the last month!

What does this mean for you?? Well since we do have a Silencer Shop Kiosk in store all those who have done form 4's in the last month at our shop, appear to be on the new scannable system according to Silencer Shop CEO.

Apparently, with the new system the forms are scanned in with a scan coding system when ATF receives them and put in the system immediately to start FBI background checks. These checks can be done in 15 days if you are a clean citizen and hang ups can delay the checks up to 45 days.

However, if you fall into the clean guy category we could see transfers for you coming back shortly in 2 months or less on forms submitted in the last 30 days and times dropping even faster once the system is streamlined!

It looks like the only excuse not to buy a suppressor now is whether or not you want to shell out the $200 for a tax stamp.

This will certainly bring these NFA items into question quickly if they are in common use which may also help bring a case to challenge the restriction on ownership being unconstitutional and or taxable.

This new system also works on Form 1 forms along with all NFA items done using the Silencer Shop systems and or using the ATF approved coded forms which can find here. ->

Letter form Silencer Shop


Silencer Shop partners with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) to expedite the Form 4 process.

Austin, Texas – Silencer Shop, through collaboration with Gemtech, and Dead Air Silencers, has partnered with the ATF in the development and implementation of a brand-new process that makes Form 4 submissions more streamlined and convenient.

With a recent surge in applications due to the 2016 implementation of Rule 41F, which requires the submission of fingerprints, photographs, and a background check prior to receiving any NFA item, the wait-time has spiked to nearly a year.

“After collaborative discussions between industry leaders and the ATF, we’ve devised a new barcode system that will benefit the ATF, industry members, and consumers, without requiring time-consuming process changes or system upgrades.” said Dave Matheny, Founder, and Owner of “With this new system, the ATF will be using 2D barcode scanners that read forms submitted by Powered By Silencer Shop dealers – or any other dealers that choose to use the free Form 4 generator.”

The new solution consists of a form generator which encodes information in a 2D barcode on the ATF Copy of the generated forms. The generator will be free to any dealer or individual, and hosted on the Silencer Shop, Gemtech, and Dead Air Silencer websites. Powered By Silencer Shop dealers will automatically have the barcode added to any forms processed by Silencer Shop – and nearly 3,000 barcoded Form 4s have already been submitted as of today.

Using these forms, the data entry staff at the NFA Division can simply scan a barcoded form to enter data, error free, in seconds. This frees up Division resources to work on other tasks, and virtually eliminates a time-consuming and error-prone process.

“This solution will help reduce NFA wait times and will benefit both customers and industry members” adds Matheny. “We would like to extend our thanks to the ATF for working with industry members to make the NFA process more efficient.”

With the integration of barcode technology, and other changes, consumers could be looking at 30-60 day wait-times.

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Passionate about providing consumers with the simplest buying experience possible for suppressors, Silencer Shop works round the clock with regulatory bodies to make registration as streamlined as possible.

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