The Recipe for Disaster

The Recipe for Disaster

Posted by Casey McBroom on Dec 6th 2017

H.R.4477 - Fix NICS Act of 2017


H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017

It cannot be stated enough that the anti-rights politicians are capable of screwing with anything possible, but this is a snake in the grass, if we've ever seen one. 

H.R. 4477, is an absolute disaster in the making. It has been attached to H.R. 38 and is bound to cause good people to have their firearm rights destroyed. Got a warrant for an unpaid ticket (fill in the blank on what it might be for), and you may well be on the eternal 'no firearms list', as you will likely be denied on a 4473 background check. Currently, many people get held for a short time (under a week), or get denied in situations where it's a simple mistake. Currently, simply contacting them and clearing up the issue will allow those who are accidentally flagged approval, but not if H.R. 4477 passes. Think of it as a 'no fly list', and zero means of having your rights restored. Obviously, this is a result of the domestic abuser and murder in the Texas church shooter, but even if the system they are proposing was in place, it would have made zero difference. If the info is not reported to be entered in the NICS database, it still wouldn't have thrown a red flag on the issue. Again, this only violates the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Meanwhile, the idea of concealed carry reciprocity, appeals to many. Gun Owners of America, support H.R. 38 by itself only. However, I am concerned with the possible results due to regulations varying dramatically from state to state. The result could end with everyone in the nation with a concealed carry license being held to the standard of states like New York. Yeah, you're now limited to 5 rounds in your pistol. Or, less likely, it could result in what I refer to as slave states (like California, New York and Illinois) having their 2nd Amendment infringements nullified.

Ultimately, it's my opinion that it's best neither of these bills pass, as I live in a state that does not infringe on my 2nd Amendment rights.

It is upon the individual to contact their representatives, support groups like Gun Owners of America, and have respectful dialog with people when the opportunity presents itself.

On 12/6/2017 we have the Senate pressuring to again put pressure on the A.T.F. In the attempt to ban 'bump stocks' and other so-called accelerating devices. They are also pressing for the same 4477 legislation.

Our best advocate for protecting our rights, is our President. Email, write, and let him know we need him to fight against this legislation, and any regulations.

Lastly, the N.R.A.... They have proven they are not the protector of the 2nd Amendment, but the biggest compromiser. This is an organization that promised to get the Hughes Amendment repealed for 31 years, but has advocated for the regulation of bump stocks in recent months. The apologists will insist this was a strategy, but not only cowardly compromise, but a failed strategy allowing for our rights being violated.

Let's all understand you're better advocating yourself or supporting organizations like Guns of America, if you hope to end almost a century of compromise.

Attached will be the senate hearing the morning of 12/06/2017, the e-mail address for our President, and other links that will help in advocating for our rights.

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